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Nahavand Carpets:

NAHAVAND rugs and carpets have nomadic and geometric patterns that usually consist of a single medallion set in a background full of small motifs surrounding the medallion. The quality of NAHAVAND rugs is high. Because of the type of wool the weavers use, NAHAVAND rugs and carpets are extremely durable and shiny.

Size & Shape:

NAHAVAND rugs and carpets are usually small (2 x 3 to 4 x 6 feet) due to the use of horizontal looms. It is very difficult for weavers to make a large size carpet on horizontal looms.


Another important characteristic of NAHAVAND rug is their coloration. Rusty red and khaki on a dark blue background is the main color structure of the region. There are other rugs from NAHAVAND that do not follow this coloration, but all NAHAVAND rugs have a very shiny appearance.

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