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 Keshan Carpets:

KASHAN carpets and rugs have the greatest curvature and visibility among those of the cities in central of IRAN. They all have similar patterns--a single medallion in the center and Persian floral motifs, including arabesques and flower-stems, palmettos, rosettes, blossom and leaf motifs, forming one of the densest patterns.
KASHAN rugs and carpets are of excellent quality. Older ones (before 1945) are very good, but some of the newer ones are not as good. They sometimes have lower KPSI and they are chemically dyed. On the other hand, if you are a wise buyer, you can find a great deal. KASHAN rugs and carpets are one of the finest looking carpets in IRAN and the world.

 Size & Shape:

KASHAN carpets come in different sizes, but the majority of them are mid-size (4 x 6 to 8 x 10 feet). You can also find large rugs up to 0 x 18 feet.


Ivory, light green and red predominate. Other colors such as soft green and blue are found in newer carpets.

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